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Word of the Week: Ministry

“I would like for you to meet our minister.”

Have any of you preachers ever been introduced by one of your church members to their friends with those or similar words?

Have any of your ever introduced your preacher, as “my minister”? Or “the minister”?

Such a notion may imply that the preacher is entirely responsible for the ministry of the church. This, however, is not a Biblical idea. Continue reading

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The Community of Believers

“The church has the opportunity to reach and assimilate vast numbers of hurting and lonely people if we truly become the family we are called to be,” wrote Ken Hemphill in The Antioch Effect.

Hemphill went on to warn, “But the world is not going to be impressed by our rhetoric on family; they must see the love of God modeled in an authentic, deeply loving, committed community of Believers.” Continue reading


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Weekly Recap: February 20-25

Good Morning from Beverly Hills,

Yesterday Norma Jean and I drove our own car to a Doctor’s appointment, then went to the Y to work out.   After that, we went to Winn Dixie to buy groceries.  The shelves were filled with many choices and we bought what we wanted.  After enjoying a BLT for lunch and watching Outnumbered, I did some work that required the use of the internet.  Relaxed a bit in the afternoon.  Cleaned off our pool deck.  Then showered, and went out to eat at one of our favorite area restaurants for a fish dinner.  All of this was done with relative ease and no concern for our safety. Continue reading

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Pray for the People in Ukraine

We see the news clips of Russian tanks going into Ukraine, the traffic jam of people fleeing Kiev, and the map where Russian missiles have hit military bases, and it’s easy to forget about the actual people who live there.

We need to pray for the people of Ukraine.

Reporters asked President Biden how the Russian insurgency will affect our gas prices. TV talking heads opine about the economic consequences on the US. Financial experts discuss the impact of this attack on our stock market. We see people a long way from where we live and it’s easy to forget Christians live in Ukraine. Continue reading


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Friday’s List To Live By #74

The wise man wrote, “A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity (Prov. 17:17).

In his neat book, How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free, Ernie J. Zelinski, has an entire chapter aptly titled, “Your Wealth is Where Your Friends Are.”

Zelinski says that having close relationships with others is important as we grow older. In it, he offers some qualities people cherish in a close friend. Continue reading

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Coping With Conflict


It seems to have escalated in recent years.

Conflict between “Trumpers” and “Never Trumpers.”

Conflict in Congress.

Conflict between Republicans and Democrats.

Conflict between liberals and conservatives.

Conflict between mask wearers and non-mask wearers. Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes 9:11-12

Have you ever encountered some setback, problem, challenge, or even tragedy, and some well-meaning person says to you, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Other versions of this philosophy are expressed this way.

“God doesn’t make mistakes .”

“God must be up to something.”

“You must be very special for God to trust you with this.” Continue reading


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Work Ethic and the “Great Resignation”

Some time ago I was chatting with a fellow preacher who told me about a mutual acquaintance who had resigned from the church where he was preaching and had taken a secular job.

When I expressed surprise, he responded, “Well, I guess he’s a part of the “Great Resignation.”

“Is that really a thing?” I asked.

“Oh, yes,” my friend replied. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Hope

Have you noticed in the past 12-18 months the number of reports dealing with mental health problems people are facing?

The virus has not only taken a toll on us physically and affected our economy and politics but also impacted us emotionally and psychologically.

One survey showed that 51% of young adults say they feel down, depressed, or hopeless.

Another survey found that 40% of all Americans have reported some mental health issues related to the pandemic. And 11% had considered suicide. Continue reading

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The Message of the Cross

“The cross is the center of the world’s history; the incarnation of Christ and the crucifixion of our Lord are the pivot round which all the events of the ages revolve” once wrote the British minister, Alexander MacLaren.

Not only is the cross, the center of the world’s history, but it is also fittingly the center of why Christians assemble on Sunday. It is the center of what we will be doing today. Continue reading

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