Weekly Recap: January 1-7

Good morning from Beverly Hills,

Hope you all are off to a fantastic new year. And that 2022 brings each of you prosperity, both materially and spiritually.

Renew.  That’s been our focus this week.  “Let’s renew in ’22” is our preaching and writing theme for the year.  In a series of blog posts, we have defined, explained, discussed, and illustrated the how, when, why, and where of spiritual renewal.  If you’ve missed any or all of these posts, we hope you will use the quick links to catch up.

Every Monday we will use our “Word of the Week” column to highlight a word that addresses an area of needed renewal.  We’ve already designed 50 words for the year.  I hope you will look for that each week and accept the challenge to renew in ’22.

Also, we’ve updated our preaching and travel schedule for 2022, to the extent we have it.  There is more add to as dates are firmed up.

Have a good day. A wonderful weekend.  And blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,



Another Year



Sunday Seed Thoughts: A New Page. A New Year.



Word of the Week;  Renew




Three Beginning Steps to Renewal




A Passage To Ponder:  Isaiah  40:28-31




The Paradox of Renewal




Friday’s List to Live By






This post from 10 years ago, Worship:  A Time to Recharge our Batteries, is a perfect complement to our theme this year. It was written from Brownsburg, Indiana, at an interesting crossroads in my life between local church works.  I needed to recharge my spiritual batteries then.  And still do.  How about you?


2022 Schedule 

This page contains my travel and preaching schedule for 2022.  It’s not complete yet.  And subject to change.  We will update it regularly as we add more dates.

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