Friday’s List To Live By #68

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day,” opined speaker and author Jim Rohn. The same is true for spiritual renewal.

By now, our readers know that our preaching and writing theme this year is “Let’s Renew in ‘22.” This week we’ve introduced, defined, and explained the concept of renewal.

Today, on Friday’s List, we offer some suggestions for renewal that are simple and succinct, yet powerful.

13 Ways To Renew Yourself Spiritually

1. Read the Bible every day. Even it’s just one verse. One paragraph. Or one chapter.

2. Pray multiple times each day. Thank God for your blessings. And talk to Him about the desires of your heart.

3. Worship weekly. Plug into your local church worship assemblies. And really worship. Sing. Pray. Give. Commune. And feast on God’s Word.

4. Fellowship with other Believers. Practice the “one another” commands in the Bible. Get to know your brethren. And spent time with them.

5. Read good books. Find literature written by spiritually-minded people who will refresh and revive your spirit.

6. Listen to uplifting music. I like the C.D.’s by the Florida College Chorus and Alumni Chorus, Acappella, Favorite Hymns Quartet as well as other groups that provide inspiration and spiritual reflection.

7. Participate in a local Bible Study group. Many churches offer small group studies through the week on a variety of subjects that will encourage and edify you.

8. Take a walk in nature. Find a park, path or a place where you can see God’s handiwork. Reflect on His awesomeness. And feel the power of His presence all around you.

9. Spend time in meditation on a regular basis. Self-examination and personal introspection provide the insight and impetus for renewal and revival.

10. Enjoy a vacation or short getaway where you can rest, relax and rejuvenate. A mountain retreat or rural getaway will better serve the goal of renewal rather than an amusement park, or crowded tourist destination.

11. Minister to the needs of others. There’s no better way to feel renewed than in serving others and sharing your time, talent or treasure.

12. Subscribe to and read daily devotional blogs.  Like ThePreachersWord.   For other recommended blogs, see my Helpful Links page.

13. Change your daily routine. If you feel bored, apathetic, or spiritless, force yourself to get out of the rut you’re in. Engage in new experiences. New meet people. Go to new places. Start working on the above 12 suggestions.

Let’s renew in ‘22.

-Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

Note: I’d love to hear from our readers about other specific ways that have helped you feel renewed.


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3 responses to “Friday’s List To Live By #68

  1. Steven Moore

    Posting early Ken. Hope all is well.


  2. Philip North

    Right suggestions all the way, Brother Ken! Both desire and discipline fit into all 13 of them.


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