Weekly Recap: December 5-10

Good morning from Citrus Country, FL

In case you missed a post this week, here’s a recap with the quick links to help you get caught up.  We’ve also included a bonus post from 8 years ago when we lived in the Kansas City area. When  I read it, I thought my what a contrast to the 80 degrees weather we’ve expecting today.

Today we’re driving over to the Space Coast where I will be preaching for the North Courtenay Ave Church in Merritt Island tomorrow.  We’re looking to seeing some old friends, meeting many of these brethren for the first time, and hopefully meeting some of our readers.

Hope you all have a good day.  And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



Sunday Seed Thoughts: Are You Focusing on Getting or Giving?



Word of the Week: Giving




What’s the Root Cause?



A Passage To Ponder: Revelation 8



Playing Footloose with the Gospel




Friday’s List To Live By #66




This post was written 8 years ago today when we lived in Lee’s Summit, MO.  Reading it again was a trip down memory lane and a reminder of why I like living in Florida in December.  Our readers in the Northern states can probably relate to this.  Anyway, the post, “Six Lessons From An Icy  Road,”  offers some good applications that are still relevant in 2021.

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