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Friday’s List To Live By #55: A Tribute To Dee Bowman

Today concludes reblogging the top 10 posts of 2021 with this Friday’s List that was a tribute to Dee Bowman. It was a runaway #1 for the year in terms of reader views. We miss Dee, but his work and words live on in our hearts.


Yesterday, my friend, Dee Bowman passed from this life to go be with the Lord. He was a friend, mentor, and encourager to fellow preachers and brethren all across this nation.

My wife, Norma, along with Dee and his Norma have enjoyed many good times together for which we are thankful.

Dee was not only a powerful presenter of the Word but an excellent writer. In memory and honor of Dee, today’s list will feature various quotes and sayings from his books, Christianity magazine, and sermons throughout the years.

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