Weekly Recap: October 10-15

Good morning from Beverly Hills, Florida,

It’s been a crazy week with both computer issues and car repairs.  But somehow we’ve managed to post every day.

Hopefully, both issues are now resolved since we’re leaving tomorrow afternoon for The Great Smoky Mountains.  Yes, “the mountains are calling.”

Tomorrow morning, I’m preaching at the West Citrus Church in Crystal River on the topic “Forgive Yourself.”  Then the next two Sundays, I will be preaching in Cosby, Tennessee.

Today’s post is a recap of this week’s posts and offers our readers an opportunity to catch up on any posts you may have missed, as well, as sharing ThePreachersWord with others.

Have a great day.  And a wonderful weekend.

God Bless,



Sunday Seed Thoughts: True Worship



Word of the  Week: Submit





We Cannot Postpone Living




A Passage To Ponder:  I Peter 1:13-21



Whose Values?  What Values?




Friday’s List To  Live By #60





This post was written on this date in 2013 and speaks to an issue in our society that is possibly a greater problem than it was just 8 years ago.  You will find this short post, If the Blind Leads the Blind… is worth your 2-3 minute read.




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