Friday’s List To Live By #60

Dr. David Jeremiah’s “Lists to Live By for Simple Living,” offers 80 lists to bring simplicity, serenity, and symmetry to your life.

Today’s list addresses the issue of happiness, which is something for which we all aspire. In this fast-paced, hectic, and complex world people yearn for contentment. Peace. And harmony.

Don’t let the power and potential of these suggestions elude you because of their simplicity.

Twelve Treasures For Happiness

♦Always be honest.

♦Count your blessings.

♦Bear each other’s burdens.

♦Forgive and forget.

♦Be kind and tenderhearted.

♦Comfort one another.

♦Keep your promises.

♦Be supportive of one another.

♦Be true to each other.

♦Look after each other.

♦Treat everyone as a friend.

♦Love deeply from the heart.

Hmm, sounds a bit like an application of The Golden Rule (Matt. 7:12) plus the Two Great Commandments (Matt. 22:37-40).

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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