Weekly Recap: September 27-October 2

Today finds Norma Jean and me in Shelbyville, Tennesse, home of the Tennesse Walking Horse Celebration, where I’m conducting a weekend meeting for the Eastside Church.

For 11 years we lived in nearby Columbia, so its a pleasure to return to Middle Tennesse, enjoy the fellowship of these brethren, and see some old friends from bygone days.  Plus, October is a wonderful time to visit the Volunteer state.

As is our Saturday custom, we’re attaching links to the week’s blog post for any you may have missed one.  It’s also an opportunity for you to share either through email or social media ThePreachersWord with others.

Hope you have a great day and wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,


Sunday Seed Thoughts: A Return to Gospel Meetings



Word of the Week:  Partnership




Attitude Makes The Difference





A Passage To Ponder: 2Corinthians 9:6-7



Celebrating Senior Saints




Friday’s List To Live By #11




Here’s a post from 8 years ago today, “The Heart of the Matter.”  It will put my preacher friends on second base with a four-point sermon. Plus it begins with a really cute story.

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