Sunday Seed Thoughts: Fellowship

Today we’re worshiping with Eastside church in Shelbyville, Tennessee, where I’ve been holding a weekend meeting.

This is the first time I’ve preached at Shelbyville. And the first time to meet most of these brethren. But we’ve bonded quickly. Even though COVID-19 restricts shaking hands or hugging and respecting the physical space of others, our interaction is based on something greater.


As we have now visited 45 congregations in the past 2 ½ years, we’re constantly reminded of the spiritual relationship we enjoy with folks we’ve never known, but meet for the very first time.

Our fellowship goes beyond physical touch. Accepted norms. Social customs. Or rituals and relationships found in secular circles. It is richer. Deeper. And more significant. It’s spiritual in nature.

Our fellowship is with the Father. And so is their fellowship. Thus, we enjoy fellowship with one another, as we walk in the light of Christ (I Jn. 1:3-7). It is a fellowship of faith. A fellowship of the Spirit. A fellowship that is other-world focused.

While we haven’t been to this congregation on Sunday, I know what to expect today. Singing. Praying. Communion. Giving. And gospel preaching. I know this because our fellowship is based on the apostles’ doctrine. It’s a Bible-based fellowship.

Together, we will lift our voices in praising God. Join our hearts in praying before His throne. We will pool our resources for His work. But nothing says fellowship like the Lord’s Supper, which is called communion in I Corinthians 10:16-17.

The word “communion” is from the word translated “fellowship.” Together we partake of Supper with Christ in the Kingdom (Matt. 26:29). We’re reminded that our fellowship is predicated on the sacrifice of Christ and sealed with His blood.

Communion reminds us that we’re all equal in Christ. All of us are sinners saved by grace. We all enjoy the same spiritual blessings. And we all live with the same heavenly hope.

Wherever you are in the world today, I hope you can join with other brothers and sisters in fellowship. And never forget how special our fellowship is.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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