Friday’s List to Live By #11

Today’s list comes from a book by Terry Brown and Michael Ross entitled “Communicate: Experience Him. Share Him,” which they compiled from various Scriptures.

Each point about integrity serves as an important reminder that we need to constantly examine ourselves and be sure that we’re being true to our values, beliefs, and core principles.


♦Integrity serves as a guide in life’s moral decisions (Prov. 11:3).

♦Integrity hates falsehood in every form (Prov. 13:5-6).

♦Integrity is something to be held onto, even in tough times (Job 2:3).

♦Integrity keeps its word even when it hurts (Ps. 15:1-4).

♦Integrity isn’t afraid to run when evil comes knocking (2 Tim. 2:22).

♦Integrity says both yes and no and means what it says (Jas. 5:12).

♦Integrity backs up what it says with how it lives (Titus 2:7).

♦Integrity is what God looks for in a person’s character (1 Chron 29:17).

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“He who walks with integrity walks securely” (Prov. 10:9).

Have a great day. And a wonderful weekend.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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  1. A great list to remember and thank you 🙏


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