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Find Your Greatness

“Find Your Greatness” is the theme of the new Nike ad.  Since Nike is not an official sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics, they cleverly  initiated a marketing campaign featuring athletes in towns named “London.”  Little London, Jamaica.  East   London, South Africa.  And even a health club called London Gym in London, Ohio!  But here’s the really neat part of the ad. Continue reading


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Don’t Drop The Ball!

“He dropped the ball,” is an American idiom we use to  describe someone who didn’t do the job right.  Or  failed to complete an assignment.  Or can’t be depended on.  Or blundered in some way.  It means to make an error, or to miss an opportunity.  For instance, we say “the goal was in sight, but John dropped the ball.” Do you know where the expression originated? Continue reading

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Strange. Startling.  Shocking.  All of these words and more describe this plaintive cry of Christ from the cross.  They are unsettling.  They confound us.  They even appall us.  What were they?  Continue reading


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Little Things Mean A Lot

 My Franklin Planner has a quote or motivational saying for each day on the calendar.  They are all good.  But this one jumped out at me.  “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” –Edmund Burke Continue reading


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Do You Know Why They Died?

Alexander Teves.  John Larimer. Matthew McQuinn. Jon Blunk.  You’ve probably seen the names of these men, but may not recognize who they are.  They were among the 12 that were murdered in the movie massacre in Aurora, Colorado, last week.  But it is how they died that makes their story touching and unique. Continue reading


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Critics Cry “Fowl Play” On Chick-fil-A

(Here’s the #1 post of 2012 based on both hits and views.  Who knew a chicken company could cause such a flap?!)

I like Chick-fil-A.  I like their chicken sandwich. I like their chicken noodle soup.  I like their salads.  I like their shakes.  I like their waffle fries.  And I really like their sausage biscuit.  But not everyone likes Chick-fil-A as much as I do. Critics are crying, “Fowl!” Continue reading


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How Do You Explain Evil?

Horrific. Tragic. Abhorrent.  These words all have been used to describe the deadly Colorado theater shootings over the weekend.  12 people have died and  58 were injured at the hands of this murdering madman.  Certainly our prayers are for the victims and their families. Continue reading


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When you are suffering, where is your focus?  When you are in physical pain, what are your feelings?  When you are mistreated by others, how are you reacting?   Continue reading


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A Story of Grace and Mercy

Yesterday I was reading a story about the owner of an estate that was hiring workers.  He went out and very early in the morning and found several qualified for the job.  They agreed on $75 for a full day’s work.  Continue reading


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One Simple Principle That Will Change Your Life

Stephen Covey died Monday.  He was a former professor at BYU, author, motivator, and business coach.  He was probably best known for his best-selling book “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.”  I have applied the “7 Habits” paradigm to church growth and personal discipleship, as have many others.  His organizational tools through Franklin-Covey stores have helped many of us stay focused, organized, and on time!

Covey was a great believer in personal responsibility and accountability. He taught something he called the 90/10 principle.  What does it mean? Continue reading


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