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Opposition to God’s Kingdom

Last night at the West Citrus Church, where we’re now members, Tom Quinn taught a wonderful lesson about Jesus’ parable of “The Wheat and the Weeds.” It was interesting. Insightful. Thought-provoking. And supplied fodder for today’s post.

If you’re not familiar with the parable it’s found in Matthew 13:24-30, as one of several parables that begin, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” Later the disciples asked Jesus for its explanation. So, it’s one of the few that we actually have Jesus’ own interpretation (Matt. 13:36-43). Continue reading


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A Story of Grace and Mercy

Yesterday I was reading a story about the owner of an estate that was hiring workers.  He went out and very early in the morning and found several qualified for the job.  They agreed on $75 for a full day’s work.  Continue reading


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