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What Has Happened To Shame?


Sunday evening Norma Jean and I were watching Mike Huckabee’s program.  I always like his opening monologues. They’re refreshing. Value-driven.  And filled with common sense.

Sunday evening he was talking about the “embarrassing spectacle” caused by New York politicians former Congressman Anthony Weiner who is running for Mayor and former governor Eliot Spitzer who is vying for the job of City Comptroller.  What a pair!  A pervert.  And a cheater who frequented prostitutes.

But I’m so tired of hearing about these immoral politicians, I was about to tune Governor Huckabee out when he asked an important and probing question, “What has happened to the simple virtue of shame?”   Continue reading


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Can You Regulate Morality?

Morality.RegulateThe precious little children of the Newtown massacre have not even been buried yet and we are hearing about more laws and regulations so “this kind of thing never happens again.”

But can you regulate morality?  Can more laws regulate the evil in a person’s heart?  Can stricter gun laws diminish hate?  Reverse revenge?  Dispel anger?   Continue reading


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How Do You Explain Evil?

Horrific. Tragic. Abhorrent.  These words all have been used to describe the deadly Colorado theater shootings over the weekend.  12 people have died and  58 were injured at the hands of this murdering madman.  Certainly our prayers are for the victims and their families. Continue reading


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