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Word of the Week: Greatness

One of my favorite stories, although it’s probably apocryphal, is about a group of tourists visiting a picturesque village in Europe.

As they toured, admiring the beauty, the cathedral and the architecture of this quaint 13th century village, one tourist spotted an old man sitting on a bench. In a rather patronizing way, he asked, “Were any great men born in this village?” Continue reading

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How Can I Be Great in God’s Eyes?

Great in God's eyes

Last week we raised the question “Does God want America to be great again?”

The point of our post really spoke to God’s providence in a nation that is moving father and farther away from honoring Him, His Word and principles of righteousness.

Apparently some were concerned that either I’m not going to vote, maybe would vote for the “wrong candidate,” or could be encouraging others to “sit this election out.”

Among the numerous questions we asked was “What if God’s definition of great is different from ours?” Continue reading


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Six Qualities of True Greatness


In March, Sports Illustrated’s cover story featured ”The 10 Greatest Players” in the 75 years of the NCAA basketball tournament.  In sports we love greatness.  Great plays.  Great players.  Great teams.

In America we admire greatness in all fields. Business.  Politics. And militarily .

But what is true greatness?  And is greatness compatible with Christianity?  Continue reading

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Find Your Greatness

“Find Your Greatness” is the theme of the new Nike ad.  Since Nike is not an official sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics, they cleverly  initiated a marketing campaign featuring athletes in towns named “London.”  Little London, Jamaica.  East   London, South Africa.  And even a health club called London Gym in London, Ohio!  But here’s the really neat part of the ad. Continue reading


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