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A Great Epitaph For Life

Epitath.Jimmy Wyatt

Sometimes when visiting a cemetery, I like to look for old grave markers and read the epitaphs. Many are predictable. Like “Rest in Peace.”  “Loving Mother.” Or “Faithful Father.”

However, some people, or at least their relatives, exhibited a sense of humor with the choice of epitaphs . Here are some actual inscriptions on tombstones.

Ezekial Aikle, buried in the East Dalhousie Cemetery in Nova Scotia, died at age 102. His Epitaph? “The Good Die Young.” Continue reading


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Little Things Mean A Lot

 My Franklin Planner has a quote or motivational saying for each day on the calendar.  They are all good.  But this one jumped out at me.  “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” –Edmund Burke Continue reading


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