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Make Today a Special Day

“I wish I had more time…” We’ve all heard that said.  Right?  Maybe we’ve even said it ourselves! About a project.  A deadline.  Bible reading.  Family activities. Or the work day.  Well, today, your wish comes true!  You have an extra day! Because it’s leap year, there are 29 days in February. Continue reading


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           “Mercy!’ is an expression sometimes used by people to indicate great emotion.  I’ve heard folks say, “Mercy, Me!”  But mercy is one of great spiritual qualities we need to understand and apply in our lives. Continue reading

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We Need Friends

I’ve been thinking about friendships. Norma and I spent last week-end with our special friends Steve and Theresa McAllister. We’ve known each other since the mid 1970’s. They are “forever friends.” The kind that even though you may not see each other for a while, you can just pick up where you left off and have a great time together. Being with them just reminded me about the beauty, the joy and value of good friendships. Continue reading


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Communion with Christ

Today finds my wife and me in Ft Lauderdale,Florida.  I’m preaching in a week-end meeting with the Northside church where my good friend Steve McAllister preaches.  We’ve been with these fine brethren in the past and it’s a pleasure to return.   Continue reading

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Christians and Pop Culture

           In a Washington Post article, February 23, 2012, about the recent abortion debate in Virginia, the Post reported how lawmakers had been ridiculed and lampooned on “Saturday Night Live” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” The article quoted Steve Jarding, a professor at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a Democratic consultant who has run campaigns in Virginia. He made a very telling statement that speaks to the mentality of the masses today when he said, “You never want to get on the wrong side of popular culture. When people are laughing at you, you know you’ve gone too far.” Continue reading

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Spring Speaking Schedule


I’d love to see friends of mine around the country at various places I will speaking in the next few weeks.  If you are in the areas listed, hope you can come and visit.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Northside church of Christ, Feb 24-26, Theme: “Belonging to One Another

Kettering (Dayton area) Ohio, Kettering church of Christ, Mar 4-7, Theme: “Into the Light” Continue reading


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Belonging To One Another

 An Army Chaplain tells the story of sitting in the Officer’s Club one rainy day. In fact, it was more than rainy.  It was a storm. The winds were blowing fiercely.  The rains were descending in sheets.  Nearby, two officer’s wives were watching the storm through the big picture window. Continue reading


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