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Word of the Week: Circumspect

Circumspect is not a word that we often use in our everyday speech.

For example, I never heard my Dad use the word when I was a kid walking with him out in the pasture where the cows were grazing. Nor did my mother tell me to be circumspect when crossing a busy street. And neither did my Driver’s Ed instructor warn us to be circumspect when driving on a hilly, curvy road. But they did use words to warn me of the consequences of failing to be circumspect. Continue reading

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I recently read about an 80-year-old woman who was arrested for shoplifting. When she appeared in court, the Judge asked her, “What did you steal?”

“A can of peaches,” She replied.

When the Judge asked her why, she said that she was hungry. “How many peaches were in the can?” asked the Judge.


The Judge said, “Then I will give you six days in jail.”

Before the Judge could pronounce the sentence, the woman’s husband spoke up and asked if he could say something. Continue reading


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           “Mercy!’ is an expression sometimes used by people to indicate great emotion.  I’ve heard folks say, “Mercy, Me!”  But mercy is one of great spiritual qualities we need to understand and apply in our lives. Continue reading

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