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Word of the Week: Time

Saturday night we set our clocks up one hour to begin the semi-annual debate about Daylight Saving Time.

Some like it. Others loathe it.

President Harry Truman called it “a monstrosity in time keeping.”

Benjamin Franklin justified Daylight Saving Time as having “the pure light of the sun for nothing,” as opposed to burning expensive candles. Continue reading

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What I’ve Missed The Past 9 Days


For more than a week Norma Jean and I’ve have been on the go. We’ve been away from home. From our normal activities. And from the daily habits that seem to come with a regular routine.

As I end my part of the journey, I was thinking about some things that I’ve missed for the past 9 days. Continue reading


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Life? It’s About Time!


According to latest statistics, life expectancy for an average human being in the United States is currently at 78.4 years.

What if you compared  78.4 years to a 24 hour day? According to the formula each hour is represented by 3.267 years of life.  What time is it in your life? Continue reading


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Make Today a Special Day

“I wish I had more time…” We’ve all heard that said.  Right?  Maybe we’ve even said it ourselves! About a project.  A deadline.  Bible reading.  Family activities. Or the work day.  Well, today, your wish comes true!  You have an extra day! Because it’s leap year, there are 29 days in February. Continue reading


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It’s About Time!

Our lives are wrapped up in and revolve around time.  Time is a part of our culture and nomenclature.

We live in time zones– Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, Mountain Time, Pacific Time.  Atlantic Time.  There’s something called Greenwich Mean Time and Universal time.  We have solar time and atomic time. And then there’s Day Light Savings Time! Continue reading


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