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The Treadmill of Life

The other day I posted some reflections about life’s daily pleasures that were sparked by walking the dog through the neighborhood. (https://thepreachersword.com/2012/02/01/enjoying-lifes-daily-pleasures) Today finds me at the Temple Terrace Recreation Center on the treadmill.

Now this is not one of those new state of the art exercise centers.  I’m a small room with concrete walls and a few narrow windows to see out.  In front of me are two Middle Eastern men carrying on a conversation in a language I can’t understand.  To the right, an elderly gentlemen got on a treadmill carrying a book.  I greeted him with a cheery, “Hello.”  To which he uttered not a word. Not even a grunt.  He promptly put the machine on a slow speed and began reading.  To the left of me is a woman in a trance-like state, looking straight ahead.  At least, I have a small TV where I can watch some fair and balanced news on Fox!

All of this got me to thinking how walking the treadmill is like life! Continue reading


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