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The Treadmill of Life

The other day I posted some reflections about life’s daily pleasures that were sparked by walking the dog through the neighborhood.  Today finds me at the Temple Terrace Recreation Center on the treadmill.

Now, this is not one of those new state-of-the-art exercise centers.  I’m a small room with concrete walls and a few narrow windows to see out.  In front of me are two Middle Eastern men carrying on a conversation in a language I can’t understand.  To the right, an elderly gentleman got on a treadmill carrying a book.  I greeted him with a cheery, “Hello.”  To which he uttered not a word. Not even a grunt.  He promptly put the machine on a slow speed and began reading.  To the left of me is a woman in a trance-like state, looking straight ahead.  At least, I have a small TV where I can watch some fair and balanced news on Fox!

All of this got me thinking about how walking the treadmill is like life. Continue reading


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