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Friday’s List To Live By #80

Our list 2 weeks ago was 13 positive “one another” commands. However, there are also some negative one another commands.

Sometimes the Bible instructs us on how to live and get along with one another, by showing us toxic behaviors that harm our relationships.

7 “One Another’ Don’ts Continue reading

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The Cavaliers Secret Puzzle–A Metaphor For Spiritual Victory

 People puzzle

Sunday night, following the Cleveland Cavaliers improbable come back to win the NBA championship after being down 3-1, they revealed their secret motivation.

For the past 8 weeks this secret weapon had been concealed in a container they carried from game to game and kept in their locker room. It was a four-foot puzzle that formed the image of the Larry O’Brien championship Trophy. Continue reading


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Belonging To One Another

 An Army Chaplain tells the story of sitting in the Officer’s Club one rainy day. In fact, it was more than rainy.  It was a storm. The winds were blowing fiercely.  The rains were descending in sheets.  Nearby, two officer’s wives were watching the storm through the big picture window. Continue reading


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