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Gold Medal Winners

Pursuing Gold


Do you know what these people have in common with Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps? Joe Clarke? Michael Jung? Rafaela Silva? Mack Horton? Sukanya Srisurat? And Hoang Xuan Vihn?

Now, if you said each won an Olympic gold medal in Rio you’d be right! But do you know where they are from and what sport they medaled in? Continue reading

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7 Lessons Christians Can Learn from the Sports World

NCAA Championship Game: Butler v Duke

Do you have your bracket filled out? Now if you have no idea what the question means you are obviously not a basketball fan!

Today begins in earnest “The Road to the Final Four!” It’s  the quest for the NCAA championship in men’s basketball. It’s called March Madness!

The tournament reminds me that the qualities for success in the sports world are so similar to those we need to acquire as Christians. The apostle Paul must have been a sports fan! Because he frequently used sports metaphors to make spiritual points. Consider these two passages. Continue reading

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Is Our Enthusiasm Misdirected?

Super Bowl Fans

For the past two weeks the news is filled with Super Bowl hoopla! “Deflate-gate.”   Marshawn Lynch’s refusal to say something coherent to the media.   And of course, anything relating to quarterback Tom Brady. His hair. His toboggan. And his wife, Gisele!

Advertisers are jockeying for position to get their ads seen in advance to create excitement. NBC announced they’ve sold all their Super Bowl ads. The average price for a 30 second spot during the big game is a record-setting $4.5 million!  Continue reading

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Rekindling Spiritual Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm.SpiritualLast night Norma Jean I joined 74,326 pumped-up fans  who watched the championship game of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament between Louisville and Michigan.  Well, not from the Georgia Dome!  But from our home.

The game was exciting.  Both teams played with passion.  The fans were boisterous. The coaches were high-spirited.  The announcers were exuberant.  The game and everything around it could be described in one word “enthusiastic”!

Yet none of this mattered.   At least that’s what Dr. Keith Ablow  said on Meghan Kelly’s  American Live yesterday on Fox News.   Continue reading


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Five Traits of a Spiritual Champion

Last night several friends and I joined 117 million other people and watched The New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.  The food was good.  The companionship very enjoyable.  And the game was exciting.   As I watched I thought about how the qualities that make for success on the athletic field are similar to those we need to acquire in our Christian lives.  In fact, the apostle Paul wrote it about using the imagery of the sports world.

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