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Is Our Enthusiasm Misdirected?

Super Bowl Fans

For the past two weeks the news is filled with Super Bowl hoopla! “Deflate-gate.”   Marshawn Lynch’s refusal to say something coherent to the media.   And of course, anything relating to quarterback Tom Brady. His hair. His toboggan. And his wife, Gisele!

Advertisers are jockeying for position to get their ads seen in advance to create excitement. NBC announced they’ve sold all their Super Bowl ads. The average price for a 30 second spot during the big game is a record-setting $4.5 million!  Continue reading

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How To be a Spiritual Champion

SuperBowlIf you are a sports fan, what a great week-end!  Some exciting basketball games.  Especially Indiana’s win over #1 Michigan!  And then a Super Bowl that looked like it was going to be a super bust, that saw a comeback by the San Francisco 49ers that just fell short, as the Baltimore Ravens hung on to win.

I’m always reminded when watching sporting events how the qualities that make for success on the athletic field are similar to those we need to acquire in our Christian lives. In fact, the apostle Paul wrote it about using the imagery of the sports world. Continue reading


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