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7 Qualities of Spiritual Winners


Last night we enjoyed watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game between Kentucky and Connecticut.

UK and UConn? Who picked them? Seriously? Of the 11 million people who submitted a bracket on ESPN.com only 0.016% guessed the final two correctly!  Continue reading


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Rekindling Spiritual Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm.SpiritualLast night Norma Jean I joined 74,326 pumped-up fans  who watched the championship game of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament between Louisville and Michigan.  Well, not from the Georgia Dome!  But from our home.

The game was exciting.  Both teams played with passion.  The fans were boisterous. The coaches were high-spirited.  The announcers were exuberant.  The game and everything around it could be described in one word “enthusiastic”!

Yet none of this mattered.   At least that’s what Dr. Keith Ablow  said on Meghan Kelly’s  American Live yesterday on Fox News.   Continue reading


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How To Turn Tragedy into Triumph

UofL.DukeI’ve watched a lot of college basketball games. But none like the one Sunday evening between the University of Louisville and Duke.

It was the most shocking moment I’ve ever seen on a basketball court.  It literally sucked the energy out of the arena as 35, 657 fans who were wildly cheering one moment sat in stunned silence the next.  Continue reading


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Teamwork: The Key To Success

We are now moving forward into my favorite time of year.  No, not winter!  Not Christmas!  Basketball season!  I like other sports.  And watch other sports.  But basketball is the best.  I won’t even argue the point here.  You know it is!  Continue reading

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Wanna Fight About It?

For sports fans March Madness is a great time of year.  Basketball played at its highest level. Close wins.  Exciting upsets. Fierce rivalries.    This Saturday could feature all of the above in match up between bitter rivals Kentucky and Louisville.  But things are already heating up in the Bluegrass State between their respective fans. Continue reading


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It’s Madness–You Need Discipline to Win!

March Madness has arrived. Already there’s been several upsets. Sorry Mizzou, UNLV and Duke! Close games that shouldn’t have been. Tough loss Alabama! And the exciting return and win of the Indiana Hoosiers to the “Big Dance”! Continue reading


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