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In Times Like These

Last night I was watching The Five on Fox News where Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina was one of their guest hosts.

Scott is one of eleven African-Americans to have served in the U.S. Senate and the first to serve in both chambers of Congress. His rags to riches story that raised him up from poverty to his present position is compelling and inspiring.

When the panel was talking about our current polarizing political divide in the United States, Scott offered an interesting insight. This is nothing new, he observed. Throughout our history, there have been times of conflict and sharp disagreements. “Remember the Civil War?” he rhetorically asked. Continue reading

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Help and Hope For the Heavy Heart


Though written 3,000 years ago, the collection of Psalms are timeless as they address the human condition.  They speak to hearts that are heavy with sorrow, consciences laden with sin, and spirits that are crushed by outside circumstances often beyond our control.

So, what can we do? Read Psalms 56-60.  They  provide wonderful insights and answers.  Here are five things from these Psalms that will help and offer hope.  Continue reading


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Was He Really Sorry?

Armstron g“I’m deeply sorry for what I did.  I can say that thousands of times, and it might never be enough.” said Lance Armstrong to Oprah Winfrey.

If you didn’t watch the two-part interview that Oprah had with the famous cyclist, you’ve probably heard about it.  Armstrong finally admitted to doping.  To using performance enhancing drugs.  To lying.  Covering up.  To being a bully.  To cheating.  To hurting his family, friends and fans.

Following the first telecast, Norma Jean turned to me and said, “Do you think he’s sorry he sinned?  Or just sorry he got caught?” Continue reading


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