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Was He Really Sorry?

Armstron g“I’m deeply sorry for what I did.  I can say that thousands of times, and it might never be enough.” said Lance Armstrong to Oprah Winfrey.

If you didn’t watch the two-part interview that Oprah had with the famous cyclist, you’ve probably heard about it.  Armstrong finally admitted to doping.  To using performance enhancing drugs.  To lying.  Covering up.  To being a bully.  To cheating.  To hurting his family, friends and fans.

Following the first telecast, Norma Jean turned to me and said, “Do you think he’s sorry he sinned?  Or just sorry he got caught?” Continue reading


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Lance Armstrong Learns “You Reap What You Sow”

Over 1000 pages of evidence.  Sworn testimony from 26 witnesses, including 15 colleagues.  Emails. Payments.  Scientific data.  Lab tests.  The proof is overpowering.  Sadly.  Lance Armstrong, 7 time Tour de France champion  is guilty of using  performance-enhancing drugs. Continue reading


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