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Forgive Yourself #2

“Just as we get angry with other people, we become angry with ourselves for not doing better and making fewer mistakes,” wrote Drs. Frank Minirth and Paul Meier, who are both Psychiatrists and Christian counselors, in their wonderful book Happiness is a Choice.

“We are often critical with ourselves and harder on ourselves than we are on other people,” they observe. “We need to forgive ourselves of past mistakes and sin. God is aware of our weaknesses.”

There are many reasons why people fail to forgive themselves, but we observed three in yesterday’s post, which you ought to read first. This second of a four-part series will consider three consequences of not forgiving ourselves. Continue reading


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God Forgives. Forgive Yourself.

“While I am glad to debate the abortion issue, that is not the purpose of this post,” wrote my friend and preaching colleague Shane Scott in a recent facebook post. “Instead, I want to reach out to any sisters in Christ who share the same beliefs I have about abortion, but who have at some point in the past chosen to have one.” Continue reading


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Girl With Her Head In Her Hands Sad And Unhappy About SomethingThere’s an old story about a Georgia farmer, ragged and barefooted, standing on the steps of his tumbledown shack, when a stranger stopped to ask directions.  After giving the information, the farmer offered the fellow a cold drink, so he decide to pass the time for a few minutes and ask about his crops

“How is your cotton coming along?” he asked.

Ain’t got none,” replied the farmer. Continue reading


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“Heaven is for Real” is a movie being released today in a theater near you! It’s the continuing trend of movies that Hollywood is producing to appeal to the “Christian market.”

The movie is based on the story of a 4-year old boy, Colton Burpo, who almost died on the operating table during emergency surgery. When he recovered, Colton claims that he went to heaven. Saw his own surgery. Observed the prayers of his anguished parents. And met Jesus. Continue reading


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