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Several years ago I read a neat book entitled The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul. The entire premise revolves around this little word ask.

They assert, “anything is possible…if you dare to ask!” The book promises “personal happiness. Creative fulfillment. Professional success. Freedom from fear–and a new promise of joy that’s your for the asking.”

The book details the barriers that prevent us asking. Knowing what to ask. Understanding how to ask. And then makes application to your family, work and other relationships. One chapter is entitled, “Ask a Higher Power.” Continue reading

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My Prayer For America

National Day of Prayer 2015

Today is the 64th annual observance of the National Day of Prayer.

According to NDP web site a joint resolution by Congress which was signed by President Harry Truman in 1952 declared an annual national day of prayer. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed an amended law that set aside the first Thursday of every May. Since then every President has signed a proclamation, encouraging Americans to pray on this day. Continue reading


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If God is Your Father, Please Call Home!


Last night at the Hickman Mills church where I preach we focused on prayer for the entire service.

We sang about prayer. Sang prayer songs. Read scripture about prayer. Shared some thoughts about prayer. And, we prayed!

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A Prayer Request for Jared Thompson


Yesterday we received a call from our daughter in Florida, Rachél Thompson, regarding her husband, Jared. He  was just diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma.

Jared recently had a tonsillectomy.  They both, as well as the doctor, had a feeling there was more to this than a normal surgery. A biopsy was performed from the tonsils and they received the results yesterday.  Continue reading


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A Prayer for the Heavy Heart


I think one of the beauties of God’s Word is how it speaks to us at different times and in different ways, depending on where we are in life.  We see things through the prism of our circumstances, our emotions and our maturity.

It is obvious to me not only in my own life but through this blog as some posts touch the hearts or some more than others, depending what is happening in their lives.  Continue reading


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Where’s God When I Need Him?

“God didn’t help me in a crisis, so has he let me down?” 

This question was asked by a Kansas City Star reader.  On Saturday the Star has a column “Voices of Faith.”  The questions are answered by a panel of religious leaders.  Two different men answered that question.  Continue reading


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Who Are You Praying For Today?

Did you hear about the mother and her five-year old son, Kevin, who were going to McDonald’s for lunch.  As they approached the fast food restaurant, there was a serious accident involving several cars.  Wishing to teach her son a lesson about compassion for those who may be injured, and the importance of prayer, she said, “We should pray.” 

From the back seat she heard Kevin fervently Continue reading


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