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5 Hindrances to Spiritual Growth

“Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop,” is the title of a neat little book by John Mason.

The book identifies areas in life where we become our own worst enemy. How we sabotage our success. And get in our own way of moving forward.

This problem, however, is deeper than how it affects us materially, financially or professionally. It’s a challenge spiritually. It’s an impediment to growth. Continue reading

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Are You Finding and Fulfilling God’s Purpose For Your Life?

“Are you stumbling toward an uncertain future,” asks author John Mason in his little book Conquering An Enemy Called Average. Mason then offers this challenge.

“First, concentrate on finding your purpose, then concentrate on fulfilling it. Having a powerful why will provide you with the necessary how.”

American author Robert Byrne was right when he wrote, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” However, too often the problem is that most people begin at the wrong place–ourselves. Our goals. Our dreams. Our success. Continue reading


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Friday’s List To Live By #59

Too often our culture is focused on what they have.  Money. Cars. Homes. Collections. Investments. And Real Estate.

This attitude of having affects and infects Christians when they allow the world’s value system to drive them instead of spiritual values.

In John Mason’s fine little book, Conquering An Enemy Called Average, he suggests 34 things you really need to have  And none of them are material.  Here are 13. Continue reading

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Friday’s List To Live By #34

While unpacking my books that have been in storage for 33 months, I came across a neat little book by John Mason entitled “Ask.” It’s subtitled “Life’s Most Important Answers Are Found in Asking the Right Questions.”

The book offers 244 important questions you can ask yourself. Today’s list is in the form of questions for your consideration. Not 244. But I’ve picked 12 from the section “Looking Inward.” Continue reading

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Friday’s List To Live By #29

Today’s list comes from a book I found while unpacking. It’s a personally autographed copy of You’re Born An Original Don’t Die a Copy, by John Mason. It consists of 52 nuggets, as he calls them, one for each week of the year.

Slightly adapted and with some added scriptural references, here’s Nugget #29 for our 29th “List to Live By.”

Today I Will… Continue reading


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What’s Wrong With Settling For Just Ok?

Last night during the Alabama-Clemson national championship football game, there were some clever commercials. But the most amusing was AT&T’s ad with the catchphrase “Just Ok is not OK.”

The ads depict various situations where settling for ok is unacceptable. One shows a man in a hospital bed waiting for surgery. While his anxious wife looks on, she asks the nurse about the doctor and she responds, “He’s ok.”

In another scene, an artist tells a man getting his first tattoo that he’s “one of the tattoo artists in the city” and that the result is going to look “OK.” Continue reading

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5 Ways To Revive Your Spiritual Passion

John Mason, in his book, Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop, wrote, “The trouble with many educated (people) is that learning goes to their heads and not to their hearts. The heart is something of a prophet. The heart is no traitor. It is only with the heart that one can see correctly; what is required is invisible to the eye.

Mason’s words, unfortunately, speak to many Christians who have lost their passion for the Lord. Their Bible knowledge and learning, though it may be extensive, has only affected them intellectually, but not touched them emotionally. Or if it once did, that passion has subsided over the years. Continue reading


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Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop


“Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop” is the title of a little book by John Mason.

I read it years ago, but I recently came across it again. It’s a neat little book filled with 52 golden nuggets of two pages each. Mason’s goal is to help us rise above mediocrity. Get more out of life. And discover a new momentum for living.

Many of the chapter titles encapsulate  simple spiritual truths that are obvious. But often we fail to apply. Here are a few:  Continue reading


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If God is Your Father, Please Call Home!


Last night at the Hickman Mills church where I preach we focused on prayer for the entire service.

We sang about prayer. Sang prayer songs. Read scripture about prayer. Shared some thoughts about prayer. And, we prayed!

Continue reading

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Be All That You Can Be

John Mason wrote a fine little book entitled “Conquering an Enemy Called Average.”  Each chapter is only two pages, but it is filled with wonderful nuggets of wisdom.  In chapter 42 he simply lists some things we should be.  In looking at these again I noticed how each one involves a Biblical command or principle. So, I’ve added some verses to these for your consideration and encouragement. Continue reading


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