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Really Listening or Just Lurking?

“If you are more interested in catching someone in what they say, instead of catching what someone says, congratulations! You are ‘pretending to be righteous’ and are exactly like the Pharisees,” wrote my friend and preaching colleague Perry Hall in a facebook post.

Perry cited a passage from Luke 20:20 that describes the motive of the religious leaders this way. “They watched closely and sent spies who pretended to be righteous, so they could catch him in what he said.” Continue reading

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I’m  reading Perry Hall’s book “Grace Does That?”  In it he tells the story of  Charles Bradlaugh and Hugh Price Hughes.

Bradlaugh was the most prominent atheist in 19th century Britain.  On one occasion he challenged the evangelist Hughes to a debate on the validity of Christianity.  Continue reading


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Today We Sail On!


Yesterday’s facebook “Perryism”, posted by my friend  Perry Hall: “Columbus Day, the day we celebrate a man who got lost and didn’t stop to ask directions.”

Well, Perry, I’m not so sure there was much celebrating yesterday!   Except for banks being closed and not receiving any mail, I really couldn’t tell it was a holiday!  Of course, Columbus Day is about as popular today in the media as the NFL Washington Redskins.

Yet, Columbus was a great explorer.  And while we bear the name of Amerigo Vespucci, who reached the continental mainland in 1497, Christopher Columbus is honored and remembered for discovering “the New World.” Continue reading

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