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3 Life Lessons From Columbus


“Alaska Renames Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day” read yesterday’s on-line Time headline.

Alaska has joined a growing number of states and local governments that are moving away from celebrating Columbus Day. Since less than half of the states celebrate the accomplishment of Columbus, most of you probably worked yesterday.

Columbus Day is losing ground to a continued social movement of political correctness. While fiction has always obscured some of the facts regarding the great explorer, it’s apparent that the average person knows little of his voyage and accomplishments. Continue reading

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Sunday Seed Thoughts: Discovery

Seed Thoughts

Tomorrow is October 12, the day we celebrate the discovery of the new world by Christopher Columbus. Some contend that the Norse Vikings or Irish missionaries or even the ten lost tribes of Israel somehow discovered America before Columbus did; but the fact is it was he who returned to Spain and spread the word. Continue reading

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Today We Sail On!


Yesterday’s facebook “Perryism”, posted by my friend  Perry Hall: “Columbus Day, the day we celebrate a man who got lost and didn’t stop to ask directions.”

Well, Perry, I’m not so sure there was much celebrating yesterday!   Except for banks being closed and not receiving any mail, I really couldn’t tell it was a holiday!  Of course, Columbus Day is about as popular today in the media as the NFL Washington Redskins.

Yet, Columbus was a great explorer.  And while we bear the name of Amerigo Vespucci, who reached the continental mainland in 1497, Christopher Columbus is honored and remembered for discovering “the New World.” Continue reading

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Sail On!

Today is Columbus Day. It is a day that Americans celebrate the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492.  Some say that America was really discovered by Norse Vikings, Irish missionaries or the ten lost tribes of Israel!  But the fact is Columbus was successful in his quest and returned to the old World to spread the good news.  Continue reading


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