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Passing On Our Faith To The Next Generation

Yesterday Bernie Sanders suspended his Presidential campaign ending his quest for the Democratic nomination.

Behind Vice President Joe Biden by some 300 delegates, Sanders admitted that the “path toward victory is virtually impossible.” However, while losing the vote for the nomination, Sanders claimed that his movement is “winning the ideological battle” and the support of younger people under the age of 30. Continue reading


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Bearing the Cross. Leaving a Legacy.

Paul J. Meyer, in his book “Unlocking Your Legacy,” tells about the time in 1969 his mother was found after having fallen in her home. She died a few days later in the hospital.

Meyer writes, “In the apron she was wearing the day she fell, I found a note that read: ’S.S. HOPE: 7 miles, 7 cents.’”

“I cried uncontrollably, realizing that she had raised seven cents after walking seven miles for S.S. HOPE, a hospital ship that provided medical care to people in developing nations. Those seven miles might have even been what killed her.” Continue reading


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A Legacy of Sin and Shame


Tributes are rolling in for his recent passing.

“He was an American icon.”

He was a “legend,” “innovator,” and “one of a kind.”

“A true pop culture trailblazer.”

“Thank you for making the world a better place.” Continue reading


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3 Ways To Leave a Lasting Legacy


Freelance writer Dave Branon recalls the day when his wife called him at work and said, “Something’s going on next door. Lots of cars are there.”

“Because of my neighbor’s occupation,” Dave wrote, “I feared the worst, and soon those fears were realized. Our neighbor, policeman Trevor Slot, had just been killed in the line of duty, trying to stop the escape of two bank robbers. Our community was stunned.” Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Legacy

Legacy. Tree

Sixteen year old Hannah was nervous as she took the wheel for her first driving lesson. As she was pulling out of the parking lot, the instructor said, “Turn left here.” Then quickly added, “Oh, and don’t forget to let the people behind you know what you are doing.”

Immediately Hannah turned to the students sitting in the backseat and announced, “I’m turning left.”

Although Hannah misunderstood the teacher’s instructions, his advice is good not just for driving, but for life. “Let the people behind you know what you are doing.” Continue reading


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A Worthy Woman’s Legacy

mOMOn this day in history, November 10,1925, a baby girl was born in Butler County, Kentucky. She was the third of seven children. However, her birth went unnoticed by the world. Nor will it be listed among the important events on this day.

While her upbringing was simple and unsophisticated their family was close-knit, bathed in love, and based on Christian values and virtues. When she turned 18, she moved to Indianapolis to work in a factory. There she met the man of her dreams, would marry, quit work and begin a family. She would be unknown to anyone outside of her immediate family and friends. She would be a homemaker and help her husband in carving out a middle class lifestyle. Continue reading


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What Will Your Obituary Say About You?


One morning in April of 1888 Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, woke up to read his own obituary.

His brother, Ludvig, had died. But a newspaper reporter mistakenly thought it was Alfred and carelessly reported the death of the wrong brother! Anyone would be disturbed under those circumstances to read their own obituary. However, the headline was even more disconcerting to Nobel. It read:  Continue reading


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Legacy: Back To My Spiritual Roots

This week I’m in a meeting with a church in Butler County, Kentucky,  called Christian Home.  I’m not sure how it received that name, but it’s an old congregation.  Some have said over 100 years old.  My grandparents attended this church in the 1930’s.  My Mother, Mattie, was baptized here in Welch’s Creek. Continue reading


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