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Great Verses of the Bible: Isaiah 7:14

Little Emma came running out of Bible class to her waiting Mother triumphantly waving a picture that she had drawn shouting, “Mommy! Mommy! My teacher says I drew the most unusual picture she has ever seen!”

The mother took the picture from her little Emma’s hands. Studied it for a moment. And agreed with the teacher.

“What were you studying?’ She asked.

“The birth of Jesus” Emma replied. Continue reading


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Truth vs Tradition

Do these three names mean anything to you? Melchior? Caspar? Balthasar?

Tradition has it that these men were the 3 kings of the Orient who came bearing gifts to baby Jesus.

You’ve heard the song, “We Three Kings”? And you have seen the manger scene with Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the animals, and the shepherds all together? Continue reading


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