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God Gave You This Day

Today is National Banana Split Day.

According to the National Day Calendar of unusual and little known holidays, the banana split was not created in an ice cream parlor, but in a pharmacy in 1904. It was the brainchild of David Evans Strickler, a pharmacist’s apprentice, who enjoyed experimenting with soda fountain sundaes in his free time.

The banana split was so popular that college students paid 10 cents, double the price of a normal sundae.

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Word of the Week: Temperance

“Temperance is moderation in the things that are good and total abstinence from the things that are foul,” wrote, Frances E. Willard, a 19th-century American educator and president of the Women’s Temperance Union.

In Willard’s time, the concept of temperance was often linked to the total abstinence of alcoholic beverages. Continue reading

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