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Great Things The Lord Has Done

“To God Be the Glory” is one of over 8,000 hymns written by one of the most prolific hymnists in history, Fanny J. Crosby.

Written in 1872 and published in 1875 the hymn was very popular in Britain but was not widely used in the United States. In 1954 Cliff Barrows, the song leader for the Billy Graham crusades was asked to add it to the song selection for his London crusade. The next year it was again included in a US crusade in Nashville, Tennessee, and began to gain popularity. Today, it is widely used in songbooks of most churches.

There is a line in the first stanza that recently captured my attention. Continue reading


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Thank You, God, For Everything!


Matthew Henry was a well-known, British Bible scholar and Preacher who lived from 1662 to 1714.  His commentaries on the Old and New Testament are still in print today.

One day Dr. Henry was riding his horse on the way to a church meeting where he was the guest speaker.  As he journeyed through the dense forest a masked bandit suddenly appeared with a gun.  He demanded that Henry dismount and hand over all of his money.  Fearing for his life, he quickly complied as the robber returned into the woods. Continue reading


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Some Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

 Today it’s raining here in Florida.  I kinda like it.  It’s not a rain storm.  Or a hard, driving rain that makes you run for cover. It is a gentle rain.  A relaxing rain. A soil nourishing rain.  It’s not one of those cold winter rains like you have up North either.  I have the french doors of my office open so I can hear the light cadence of its falling onto the lanai. Continue reading


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