Weekly Recap May 15-19

Greeting from Beverly Hills, FL

It’s been a wonderful week here in lovely Citrus county.  We’re blessed to live here. To bask in the warm sunshine. To enjoy being close to our family. To have an opportunity to minister in the Word.  And share these blog posts every day.

However, we realize in the midst of our enjoyment, there is sickness, suffering and death.  We learned this week of the passing of a friend from the Kansas City area, Bob Harmon. He was 94.  His funeral service is today.  And even though his family and friends rejoice in the godly life he lived and the hope in which he died, he will be missed.  At the end of this recap is a link to a beautiful tribute written by my friend Roger Shouse.  I hope you’ll read it.

Thanks to all of our readers who continue to offer encouragement in our efforts, add valuable comments,  and share ThePreachersWord with others.  We also appreiccate those who notice some of our mistakes  so we can correct them

Hope you all have a great day. A wonderful weekend. And blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,



5 Ways To Grow Your Faith




Do Good, People



Psalm 8



Are You Pretending To Avoid a Mess?



Do You Talk To Other Drivers?





Although published 9 years ago on this date, “Just Be Nice,” has a universal application for all time.  In fact, given the current state of political polarization and cultural divide in our country, it’s probably needed more than ever.


This post is from Roger Shouse’s blog JUMP STARTS DAILY.  It’s a tribute to Bob Harmon from Raymore, MO, who recently passed away.  I knew Bob well.  He served as a Shepherd of the Hickman Mills church in Kansas City for over 40 years.  And for 25 years was the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Florida College.  Even if you didn’t know Bob, you will be encouraged and inspired by Roger’s eulogy of this wonderful servant of God.






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