Weekly Recap: May 1-5

Greetings from the Smoky Mountains

We’re blessed this week to be in our “happy place.”  Or at least one of them.  Plus our enjoyment of the mountains is enhanced by visiting with friends, like Olie and Mary Williamson, and preaching for the brethren at the Cosby church.  If you happen to be visiting the Smokies this weekend, come and join us for the 11:00 AM worship service tomorrow.

Our time here reminds us of the value and blessing of relationships.  Today’s bonus post features a post from 9 years ago today, 7 Principles For Improving Relationships.  Hope you will find these biblical suggestions helpful in your relationships.

Also yesterday’s facebook Friday includes a classic piece by the late Robert Turner on “How To Differ Constructively.”

Hope you all have a great day. A wonderful weekend. And a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,



Stretch Yourself




Jesus Offends People’




Psalm 73




You Can’t Do It For Me




How To Differ Constructively





Life is about relationships.  People are important to God. And they should be to us.  This bonus post, published 9 years ago today is a must read for everyone “in a relationship.”  7 Principles For Improving Relationships, offers sensible, scriptural and practical suggestions that you can begin using immediately.




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