Weekly Recap: March 20-24


Good Morning from Beverly Hills, FL

The most popular post this week in terms in reader views has been Cancel Spring Break?  Followed closely by Disagreement is Not Hate.  If you missed these or any other posts this week, this recap, with it’s live links, is a good way to catch up.

Also there is a bonus post at the end published 11 years ago today, What Can A Single Seed Do?  It’s a quick read.  I believe you will be blessed by its content.

All is well here in sunny Florida.  We’re blessed beyond measure.  Tomorrow I’m preaching at the West Citrus Church in Crystal River, where we worship when we’re home.  If you’re ever coming through this part of Florida, dubbed The Nature Coast, we’d love to see you.

Have a great day. A wonderful weekend. And a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,


Growing Pains




Cancel Spring Break?



Luke 8:1-3



Disagreement in Not Hate




Notable Quotes for Christian Living





“What Can A Single Seed Do?  This was the question posed and the post published 11 years ago today, in our first year of blogging.  It’s less than 500 words, a mere 2 minute read.  But it’s still a good reminder that our words and deeds can make a difference.  God’s Word can make a difference.  A single seed sown into the soil of a good and honest heart.  Most of our current readers haven’t seen it.  Check it out.  And look for some seed you can sow today.


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