Grow in Knowledge

On this President’s Day I’m reminded of some of the great quotes from past Presidents about the importance of Bible knowledge.

“It is impossible to rightly govern without God and the Bible,” once affirmed our first President George Washington.

John Quincy Adams, our 6th President expressed his feelings almost bluntly “The first and almost the only book deserving of universal attention is the Bible. I speak as a man of the world…and I say to you, “Search the Scriptures.”

The great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President once wrote, “I am busily engaged in the study of the Bible . I believe it is God’s word because it finds me where I am. I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given to man. All the good of the Savior of the world is communicated to us through the Book.”

The 28th President, Woodrow Wilson said, “The Bible is the one supreme source of revelation of the meaning of life, the nature of God, and spiritual nature and needs of men. It is the only guide of life which really leads the spirit in the way of peace and salvation.”

The strength of our country is the strength of its religious convictions,” affirmed our 30th President Calvin Coolidge. “The foundations of our society and our government rest so much on the teachings of the Bible that it would be difficult to support them if faith in these teachings would cease to be practically universal in our country.”

More importantly the inspired apostle Peter commanded Christians to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 3:18).

The word “knowledge” is found 164 times in the Bible. God places a great deal of emphasis on acquiring knowledge. The right kind of knowledge. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Prov. 1:7), begins Proverbs, Solomon’s book of wise counsel. His purpose was to provide the young man “knowledge and discretion.”

Jesus said, “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free” (Jn. 8:32). Failure to know and obey Truth leaves us in moral darkness. In spiritual ignorance. And eternal destruction. On the other hand, Bible knowledge…

…Provides the foundation for our faith (Rom. 10:17, Heb. 11:1).

…Offers stability when we’re tested and tried (Jas. 1:3-8; Eph. 4:12-16).

…Enables us to correctly handle the Word of Truth (2 Tim. 2:15).

…Equips us to recognize and refute error (Matt 7:15-20; 2 Pet. 3:17-18).

…Diminishes our doubts and fears (Matt. 21;21-22; 2 Tim. 1:7).

…Assures and encourages us in our Christian walk (Read the book of Ephesians).

Becoming a Christian does not automatically infuse you with knowledge. It calls for commitment. Demands discipline. And requires regular reading, thoughtful meditation, and a passionate relationship with the Lord. Sowing seeds for spiritual growth demands growing in our knowledge.

While all the Bible is important, here are 7 areas of vital importance that Disciples of Christ need to know.

#1 You need to know God.

Knowing the nature, personality, and person of God begins with Scripture. However, merely knowing facts about God, is not the same as knowing God. The author Mike Cope put it this way in “One Holy Hunger.

“There is a huge difference between working for God and being with God. That thought is nothing new, but when you’re in the business of making God known, it is easy to forget. There are light years of difference between knowing about God and knowing God.”

#2 You need to know who Jesus is.

The answer is found the biographical accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You need to know His character. His personality. His teaching. You need to know that He is the Son of God. Our Savior. Our Redeemer. And He is the one and only way to the Father (Jn. 14;6)

#3 You need to know God’s plan for your salvation.

It is revealed the conversion accounts of Acts. Briefly stated it involves hearing the gospel. Believing in Jesus. Repenting of your sins. Confessing Christ as Lord. And being baptized for the remission of sins (Ax. 2:37-47; Ax. 22:16; Mk. 16:15-16; Ax. 8:26-40).

#4 You need to know about Christ’s church.

He’s the builder. The founder. The head. And its Savior. (Matt. 16:18; Eph. 1:22-23; 5:22-32). Furthermore, the Bible reveals its work, worship, organization, purpose and mission.

#5 You need to know the Bible.

Spiritual growth is impossible apart from Bible study (2 Tim. 2:15). A regular plan of Bible reading, study and mediation plants seeds that will produce future growth.

#6 You need to know how to live in this world.

The temptations and trials of this life can distract and derail us. The Word provides direction and answers the questions and challenges we face on a daily basis (Rom.12).

#7 You need to know who you are.

Not a a mystical sense, but know your heart. Your motives. Your purpose in life. That requires self examination (2Cor. 13:5). Being honest. And not allowing your heart to be deceived.

Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th President, was right, “A thorough understanding of the Bible is better than a college education.” “Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is” (Eph. 5:17).

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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4 responses to “Grow in Knowledge

  1. tjyates59a6328895

    Wonderful thoughts and references!
    Thank You!


  2. Steven Jones

    Well said Ken!


  3. Mr Ronald B Rigg

    Very inspiring Ken , Thank you .


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