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Living an Abounding, Abundant Life in the Lord

“The Good News concerning salvation is not only what we can be saved from, but what we are saved for,” affirmed Andy Cantrell as he presented the closing lesson at The Florida College Lectures last night.

This observation seemed a particularly fitting summation, not only of the week’s theme, “A Life Worthy of the Gospel,” but Thursday’s lecture focus. Joy, peace, comfort and hope were the four qualities addressed which spoke to the fruit of the gospel that should be manifest in our lives. Qualities in which we ought to be abounding and excelling Continue reading


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When We Rightly Regard One Another

This week we are attending the annual Florida College Lectures. And while we are profiting from the lessons, we are enjoying the fellowship and renewing our friendship with so many from bygone years.

In fact the Wednesday morning lectures, actually addressed the importance of our relationships with one another. As Bible Chair Jason Longstreth enunciated in the book the Wednesday lectures will be focused on “our fellowship in the gospel.” The theme, “A Life Worthy of the Gospel, will be “explored through the lens of humility, unity, relationships and correction.” Continue reading

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