Ministry Report 2022

“You’re not retired!” my wife, Norma Jean, exclaimed recently.

Her reaction was my response to her question, “What are you doing?”

“I’m working on a sermon series,” I replied.

I suppose in the traditional sense of retirement, I’m not. But if you define retirement as doing what you want to do, I am. I’m free from the typical demands of located church work. Free to schedule my Sunday’s and preach when and where I am able. Free to travel. And free, just to enjoy…well… some free time.

This is has been my blessed situation since I stepped away from full time work in June 2018. For almost 3 years we traveled full time. Visiting 36 states. 10 countries. And 48 churches.

Last year, somewhat at the gentle suggestion of my wife, we settled down in our own home again in Citrus County, Florida, in a little town, Beverly Hills. We’re located between Inverness and Crystal River.

We worship with the West Citrus Church and most Sundays when we’re home, I preach on Sunday morning and teach a Bible class. In 2022 that was 30 Sundays.

The other weeks were an occasion to either travel for pleasure and/or preaching opportunities. Both meeting and preaching appointments took us from Ocala, to Orlando, to Pompano Beach around Florida. In addition, I preached in Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio, and Texas. Plus, we spent the month of July in Ontario, Canada where I preached and taught classes for the Wellandport church, as well as the Jordan brethren.

This year, ThePreachersWord, crossed a major milestone with its 3,000th post. According to WordPress this is our 332nd post of the year.  In 2022 we’ve written 172,532 words, the equivalent of three, 200 page books. We have been read in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

According to feedback we receive from our readers, ThePreachersWord has been reprinted in bulletins. Published in newspaper articles. Posted on social media platforms. Printed and distributed to friends, relatives, and co-workers. Used as Wednesday evening invitations and Lord’s supper talks. Served as seed thoughts for sermons. Become a resource for sermon illustrations. Reblogged on other blog sites. Quoted by fellow bloggers. And used as Bible class material.

In three months I will turn 75. Yet, I still feel that I have some gas left in the tank. We have some meetings scheduled for the year, as well as some preaching appointments. One of the blessings of my current arrangement is the ability to be away as much as I want. So, when opportunities to serve are extended, we are glad to minister when we are able.

Norma Jean and I are thankful for the Lord’s good providence and provisions that have blessed us. With an eye on 2023 and mindful of our own mortality we always offer the caveat,”if the Lord wills.”

Thanks to all of you who are faithful readers of ThePreachersWord. For your encouragement. And for the various opportunities you provide for us to minister in the Word.

May God bless you all with a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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14 responses to “Ministry Report 2022

  1. Tim Torno

    Congratulations to you and Norma Jean on a great year!

    Spreading the good news is keeping you young!

    Tim Torno


  2. tjyates59a6328895

    Brother Ken,
    My prayer is that the good Lord of lords will continue to bless you and Norma Jean graciously and abundantly all the days ahead. Please continue the good works you have undertaken as long as you’re able. They continue to be a rich blessing for so many souls seeking the simplicity of God’s will.


  3. Patrick & Sharon Maddeaux

    We’re so thankful for all you do, Ken & Norma Jean.
    Lord willing, we hope you come to Canada again in 2023!


  4. mark roberts

    The Preacher’s Word is just a delight. I’m so glad to read it and be built up by it!


  5. Ralph Walker

    Ken, you mentioned all the ways your blogs have been used by others. You didn’t mention the billboards we’ve posted all over the Tampa area with selected quotes from your blogs. We looked into sharing your smiling face on the LED board under the Met Life blimp when the Bucs play at home, but it is a little more costly than we were willing to assume.
    Keep smilin’, keep writin’, keep servin’ us all.


  6. debquilts1961

    Keep up the good work, Bro. Ken. I quote your work quite often, always giving you the proper credit. Seems like something always comes at just the right time.


  7. Billie Mann

    You are blessed. We enjoyed you guys so much. Hope to have a pass by again 🛴

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