Weekly Recap: December 5-9

Good Morning from Beverly Hills, Florida

All 5 of our posts this week have been dealing with the issue of stress.  It’s something that we all face.  Family stress. Financial stress. Relationship stress. Work stress. Spiritual stress. And now we’re facing holiday stress.

If you missed any or all of these posts, I hope you will read them and share them with others.  Each one contains several helpful links to online resources that further amplify the points made in the posts. 

Here are the live links to each post.

How To Stress Less #1–Rejoice Continually




How To Stress Less #2-Trust Completely



How To Stress Less #3-Pray Ceaselessly



How To Stress Less #4-Give Thanks Constantly



How To Stress Less #5–Think Correctly




This post from 10 years ago today is timeless.  Most of you haven’t seen it.  It begins with a cute story. But makes a serious point that we all need to hear and heed.  Click here to read “You Need to Get a Bible in Your Hands.”


Hope all of you have a great day. And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



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3 responses to “Weekly Recap: December 5-9

  1. Peggy Hobbs

    Ken, thanks for the repost and it’s so true, we all need a Bible in our hands. Whether teaching a Bible class or in worrship to follow along with the lesson. Hope you and Norma Jean enjoy a joyous Christmas with your family!

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  2. barryburns

    Timely, insightful and TRUTHFUL. Thank you!


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