Weekly Recap: September 26-30

Good Morning from Beverly  Hills, Florida

Well, what a week it’s been in our neck of the woods.  Seems like the whole week has been about Ian.  But not completely..

Sunday morning we drove over to Orlando and preached twice for the South Bumby Church.  It was a wonderful day of worship and fellowship together with these fine brethren.  You can hear the worship service lesson, Pressing Toward the Prize,  from their web page.

Monday evening I enjoyed doing a zoom Bible study as the guest of the Dowlen Rd church and Max Dawson in Beaumont, TX.  We discussed the Bible teaching of godliness.  If you want to watch , the discussion is archived on their YouTube Channel.  This Monday evening we will return for a follow up study.  You can watch live.  Click their web site or facebook page for info

Tuesday, we began making preparing for Ian, thinking Tampa was in its crosshairs and we would receive serious tropical winds, if not worse.  However, Wednesday, we learned that Ian decided to attack our friends and brethren father South.  So, we were spared.  But we pray for their safety and recovery from the storm.

Thursday, was weird.  Ian’ damage was done in Southwest Florida, but it moved across the state and produced some wind and rain around us but nothing serious.  It was strange because most business were closed in anticipation of a hit close by.  It was heart rending to watch the news reports the devastation Ian left in his wake in Fort Meyers and surrounding areas.

For us, Friday, was pretty much back to normal.  However, for so many in our state.  Life is never be “normal” again. We pray for God’s grace and mercy to lift them up and provide help and hope.

Through it all, our power stayed on.  And we were able to keep on blogging. This post provides the week’s efforts for those who may have missed one.  Thanks to so many who checked to see it we were safe.

Today, we drive across the county to our son, Kenny’s, and celebrate Miles 8th birthday. Tomorrow, I am preaching for the West Citrus Church.  It’s been quite a week.

Have a great day.  And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,


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Mark 5:35-41




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What does membership mean to you?  Member in God’s family?  This post from 10 years ago today speaks to THE BLESSINGS AND BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP.  It’s a two minute read that will remind  you why you need a church family.  Click here to read this important post.




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