Weekly Recap: April 10-15

Good morning from Cobbly Nob, Tennesse

We’re in the Smoky Mountains this week outside of Gatlinburg.  It’s a “happy place” for me and Norma Jean.

We have many wonderful memories in the Smokies.  We honeymooned here 54 years ago.  We’ve been here with our kids.  And grandkids.  Two years ago we were “stranded” here for 8 weeks when COVID-19 hit.  Not complaining,  It was a great place to sequester.

Plus we always enjoy seeing our good friends Olie & Mary Williamson and worshiping with the church family in Cosby, where I will be preaching tomorrow.  If you happen to be in the area, come and visit us

Attached are the quick links to this week’s blog posts, in case you missed any and need to catch up.  Tuesday’s post was #3000. In it, I relate for the first time how and why I began this blog and a wonderful lesson we can all learn from the circumstances.

Have a great day. And a wonderful weekend

God bless,


Sunday Seed Thoughts: You Are My God



Word of the Week: Determination




Turning Adversity Into A Benefit: How I Began Blogging



A Passage To Ponder: Luke 14:1-11



What is a Woman?



Friday’s List To Live By #81




This post, “Be Patient, was written two years ago from this very mountain.  Its context may cause us to chuckle, shake our heads, or sigh, but its message is still needed today regardless of the circumstance or situation.




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