Weekly Recap: February 20-25

Good Morning from Beverly Hills,

Yesterday Norma Jean and I drove our own car to a Doctor’s appointment, then went to the Y to work out.   After that, we went to Winn Dixie to buy groceries.  The shelves were filled with many choices and we bought what we wanted.  After enjoying a BLT for lunch and watching Outnumbered, I did some work that required the use of the internet.  Relaxed a bit in the afternoon.  Cleaned off our pool deck.  Then showered, and went out to eat at one of our favorite area restaurants for a fish dinner.  All of this was done with relative ease and no concern for our safety.

These activities were not a lot different than many others around the country.  However, 5600 miles away across the Ocean the people in Ukraine were either in hiding, fearing for their lives, fleeing the country, or fighting the Russian insurgency.  It’s easy to take for granted our freedom, our prosperity, and the ease of our lifestyle.  The current crisis in Europe reminds us of the many blessings that we too often take for granted.

Pray for the People in Ukraine,  as we encouraged in yesterday’s special blog post.  If you miss it, click here to read it.  Other posts from the week, can also be accessed today. from the live links below.

Have a good day.  A wonderful weekend.  And thank God for your blessings

God bless,



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Pray for the People of Ukraine




Following up on yesterday’s List To Live By about Friends is a post you will enjoy published 7 years ago on this date.  Click here to read “The Value of Friends.”

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