Pray for the People in Ukraine

We see the news clips of Russian tanks going into Ukraine, the traffic jam of people fleeing Kiev, and the map where Russian missiles have hit military bases, and it’s easy to forget about the actual people who live there.

We need to pray for the people of Ukraine.

Reporters asked President Biden how the Russian insurgency will affect our gas prices. TV talking heads opine about the economic consequences on the US. Financial experts discuss the impact of this attack on our stock market. We see people a long way from where we live and it’s easy to forget Christians live in Ukraine.

We need to pray for the Christians in Ukraine.

I know preachers who’ve been to Ukraine. Seen pictures of brethren there. Read reports of their work. And know the gospel has given birth to Believers in Ukraine. These are real people, fellow Christians, facing a very difficult and dire situation.

We need to pray for the church in Ukraine.

Here are three recent articles from the Christian Chronicle about Christians in Ukraine.

Why Ukraine Matters to Churches of Christ

We Stay to Pray and Try to Bring Hope.

“Protect Ukraine, keep her in your Care.”

Be advised these don’t tell the whole story of gospel efforts in that country, but they do provide some insight regarding the attitude, commitment, and faith of the Christians in Ukraine.

Michael Soto, an American missionary said, “We are not in fear for our lives, but as a father, I would like for my kids to not experience the chaos that may take place.” “We couldn’t get out, Soto said, “no buses or train. So we stay, pray and try to bring hope.”

A Ukrainian preacher, Dmitriy Grischuk, looked at the battle over borders with this observation. “God is expanding the borders of his glory.” Then he added that Christians have learned “what it means to trust God.”

Ihor Kozak, a young student, expressed his faith saying, “We know that Christianity is the greatest treasure we have.”

Pray for the people of Ukraine.

Pray for the Christians in Ukraine.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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3 responses to “Pray for the People in Ukraine

  1. Patrick & Sharon Maddeaux

    We feel we should also pray for the people in Russia. There are those who are protesting the invasion in Ukraine there & are being arrested. We know there may be Christians there also. Thanks for your attention to this Ken.


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