Weekly Recap: April 11-16

Good morning from Beverly Hills, Florida

Now that we’ve settled into a home again in central Florida, I’ve been asked about our future travel and preaching plans.

When we are here, I’ve been preaching for the West Citrus Church in Crystal River and teaching a Sunday morning Bible class.  However, we have several preaching appointments and meetings on our schedule for 2021.  If, and that’s a BIG IF, the US-Canadian border opens, we’d like to go back to Canada this summer.  But currently, that’s not looking very promising.

Here’s an updated link to our 2021 schedule.  But I’m sure it will change.  And more preaching/travel dates will be added.

As always, we’ve provided links to all our posts this week to aid our readers in catching up on any posts you may have missed.  We hope this is helpful.

Have a wonderful weekend.  And great day tomorrow.

God bless,


Sunday Seed Thoughts: Because He Lives



Word of the Week:  Greatness



‘Sex over religion: Legal scholars discuss America’s shifting religious freedom landscape



A Passage To Ponder:  Luke 24:13-35



Faith Works



Friday’s List To List By #35





Although the government has given US taxpayers an extension because of COVID-19, this is traditionally “tax-time” for Americans.  Here’s a post from 4 years ago to help you soothe your feelings a bit about paying taxes.  “7 Reasons Why Christians Should Quit Grumbling About Paying Taxes”


Published 8 years ago today is a post, “Who is Jesus,” based on a lesson presented by Andrew Roberts during his discussion with a Muslim Imam, Sohail Chaudhry on the campus of WVU. The topic was “The Christian View and the Islamic view of Jesus.”

Andrew has also written a book entitled, “Night and Day” comparing Christianity and Islam.  It can be ordered through Spiritbuilding Publishers. 



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  1. Billie Mann

    Look forward to seeing you guys here at Campbell Road Church in Texas.  We would love to have you stay with us. We are not far from building. Keep in touch. Love you guys!   THE MANNS🤗

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