Who Is Jesus?

Jesus.CollageThe majority of first century Palestinian Jews ultimately rejected Jesus. Why? Because He did not tell people that He was another prophet. He did not tell people “I’m just a man.” He claimed to be More Than just  A Prophet. He claimed to be the Son of God.

These words by Andrew Roberts set the tone and theme of his lecture, “Who Is Jesus?” Tuesday night in Morgantown, West Virgina.  This was the second and final night of his discussion with a Muslim Imam, Sohail Chaudhry on the campus of WVU. The topic was “The Christian View and the Islamic view of Jesus.”

The contrast was clear. Defining. Stark.  I want to commend Chaudhry for being very kind and pleasant. I enjoyed meeting him.  He was very gracious.  And his people were a pleasure to be around.  However, he and our Muslim neighbours hold a view of Jesus that in untrue.  Inaccurate.  Unbiblical.

Likewise Andrew Roberts conducted his part of the discuss on a high plane.  The issue was not personal, but doctrinal.  Both of his presentations were well conceived, logically developed and powerfully presented.  Andrew spoke the Truth.  And did so with a humble, kind and loving spirit.  He was firm, but friendly.

He was thorough in his proof that Jesus was the prophet in fulfilment of Deuteronomy 18:15. Phillip said Jesus was “that prophet” when talking to Nathanael.  Peter preached that it was Jesus (Acts 4:17-26).  And so did Stephen in Acts 7.  Andrew showed from Scripture that Jesus Christ “does fit the criteria to be the Prophet that Moses promised.”

But our beloved brother also boldly proclaimed before the audience of Believers and unbelievers, Christians and Muslims that Jesus is the Son of God!  His miracles were visual evidence that he was more than just a man.   “These miracles,” Andrew said, “legitimized His claim that He is the Son of God.”

Roberts also demonstrated the Sonship and Deity of Jesus as taught in the Bible is different than what is found in the AndrewRoberts2Muslim’s holy book.  He pointedly, but kindly said, ”Let’s be clear – The God of the Bible is a different God than the one you read of in the Qur’an. And I know this because in the Bible there is the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

“Gabriel says that (Mary’s) baby will be called the son of God. And Gabriel does NOT say that it will be a terribly confusing mistake to call Jesus this or that people will erroneously or blasphemously call Him the Son of God. Rather Gabriel says the Son is The Holy One. He will be given a throne and a Kingdom. Gabriel’s announcement means it’s appropriate to call Jesus the Son of God.

Andrew brought together his affirmation of Jesus’ identity with these two important and probing questions: “What was Jesus’ mission on earth?  “Why do I need a Savior?”

Jesus came to bring life.  To seek and save the lost.  To provide a ransom.  And to save sinners!  Jesus’ redeeming work was necessary because we have all sinned.  And “sin kills and destroys.”  We are all guilty.  We all deserve the wages of our sins–death!  Andrew correctly pointed out, “That’s what we’ve earned and that’s why Jesus came to save us, from sin and save us from Hell.”  And that’s why Jesus was crucified on the cross!

I can’t save myself!  No matter how good I am.  I need a Saviour!  And it was God’s love that provided a Savior!”  Andrew then smiled and said, “Let me share a wonderful truth about God that you learn when you read the Bible: He loves you. Jesus loves you.”

This encouraging evening of discussion ended with Andrew’s affirmation that we serve a risen Lord. That the tomb was empty.  That the resurrection of Jesus further proves his Deity.  That he was more than just another Prophet.  He was and is God’s only begotten Son.  It is not myth.  He was not a legend.  Our faith is based in historical facts.

So, in a practical way what does this mean?  Andrew eloquently encouraged the audience to come to Christ.  That Jesus wants you to believe on Him. Turn from your sins in repentance. Confess allegiance to Him as Lord.  And submit to Him in obedience so that His blood can cleanse your sins through baptism (Rom. 6:1-6).

I’m grateful to have been able to attend this discussion.  I appreciate Andrew Roberts and his wonderful ability to preach and defend the Truth.  But most of all I came away more grateful and with deeper appreciation for Jehovah God.  His infallible  Word, the Bible.  And for His Son, Jesus.

I’m thankful for God’s love, although I don’t deserve it.  How about you?

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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5 responses to “Who Is Jesus?

  1. Sandra Jo of Pine Bluff, AR

    Yes, I am eternally grateful! When I think of how many close calls to death’s door I came before I became a Christian, the thought frightens me! God spared and gave me the opportunity to learn of Him and Jesus, and to know true love and obedience. I can’t imagine my life without God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Ken, for your powerful writings and for your coverage of the debate.

  2. Rachel Thompson

    Wonderful thoughts. This makes one wonder with such a faith in the resurrection, and hope of another life, why extremists groups would want to commit violence on earth. It gives me so much more hope for the Church, and for our country to know disciples are gathering in a secular setting, expressing their faith to others, with the love of Christ shining through. I pray for more of this, for both courage and safety of Christ’s disciples in endeavors like these.

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