Sunday Seed Thoughts: A Special Day

For some people today is just another day. Just like any other day.

For a few, it’s just another day of work. For many others, it’s a day of relaxation, recreation, or sports. And for still other people it’s a day to catch up on household chores, to mow the yard or wash the car.

However, today is a very special day for all Christians. It is a sanctified day. It is a day set apart from all other days.

Today is Sunday. The first day of the week.

The Bible tells us that it was in the early morning hours on the first day of the week, that women came to Jesus’ tomb and found it empty. “He is not here,” the angel proclaimed. “He is risen!” (Lk. 24:1-7).

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was the culmination of His mission and ministry and a fitting climax to the myriad of miracles He performed. As Tommy Peeler put it in his 2019 Lecture at Florida College, “Death was the final frontier for Jesus to conquer.” And indeed He did it in dramatic fashion.

Jesus’ resurrection on Sunday is the foundation of Christianity. In fact, it is as Josh McDowell expressed it, “… the cornerstone to a world view that provides the perspective to all of life.”

It is fitting that on the first day of the week the Holy Spirit came with swift and sudden force empowering the apostles to preach Jesus’ gospel on Pentecost. On that day 3,000 were baptized for the remission of sins. And the saved were added to the church. (Ax. 2:1-47).

Luke records that the disciples began the practice of meeting on the first day of the week to partake of the Lord’s supper, commemorating Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection (Ax. 20:7). Scripture reminds us of the significance of the Lord’s Day communion as a means to remember, honor, and celebrate Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection (1 Cor. 11:17-34).

Today, in small towns and large cities all around the world, we continue that inspired, apostolic tradition.

Today is special. As is each and every Sunday.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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