Weekly Recap: April 4-9

Good morning from Beverly Hills, Florida,

“Psalm 116:15 is so comforting to all those (who) have lost loved ones.  Thank you for this morning’s blog,” wrote Peggy one of our regular readers.  Comments like this that we receive weekly, if not daily, continue to fuel our resolve to keep this little blog going.  I’m always amazed at how a particular post speaks to a reader’s situation that was unknown to me.

Another reader, Philip, shared this great quote  from the late Gospel preacher, Grover Stevens: “Death means simply that you are in another body, in another life, in another room, and in another world; but it is still you.”

Thanks to all of you, who read ThePreachersWord, offer encouragement, and share it with your friends.

Today’s recap allows you to catch up in case you’ve missed a post and also share it either by email or social media.

Today we’re driving down to Okeechobee and enjoy some time with family, David & Shannon Key, and Charles & Annetta Key. Then preach tomorrow for the Big Lake Church.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  And a good Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,


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This week’s bonus post was published 9 years today, in our first year of blogging.  It’s just as relevant today, as it was then.  And when Jesus spoke regarding The Cross of Discipleship.


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