Weekly Recap: March 28-April 2

Good morning from chilly Citrus County, Florida

This has been an exciting week in terms of getting settled.  My office furniture arrived, so I was able to unpack my books and start working from my new office instead of the dining room table.

Two realizations soon hit me.  (1) I didn’t give away enough books.  (2) If you’re moving from having both a church office and a home office into just one home office, realize that it’s not all going to fit. So, we’re storing out, repacking some stuff, and storing

Today’s post is a recap of the past week that allows you to catch up on any post you missed this week.  It’s also a convenient way to share a variety of six posts with your friends via email or on social media.

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,



Sunday Seed Thoughts:  God Is.



Word of the Week; Command




Repent or Perish



A Passage To Ponder:  Joshua 4:6-7



A Serious Thought on A Light-Hearted Day




Friday’s List To  Live By #33





Here’s a post from this day in 2014 from a column we did called “It’s Friday.  But Sunday’s Coming!  It’s entitled:  Why Did My Savior Come To Earth?   Interestingly, we’ve had a renewed interest in this series this past week.  They make excellent Lord’s Supper talks.  If you want to see more like the one above, click here to access that category.





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2 responses to “Weekly Recap: March 28-April 2

  1. Valerie

    Why did some congregations “close”, when this is a direct opposite of the command to “come together on the first day of the week”?
    Today, the rule and law of man, are in opposition to God’s rule and law. Shouldn’t we be faithful in obeying God’s commands, rather than man’s?
    I’m sure the days will continue to darken even mote, if we comply with the plan of man and not the holy desire of the Holy Spirit. Your thoughts?


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